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Are ClickFunnels Legit?

Are ClickFunnels Legit?

YES… absolutely!

ClickFunnels has been the biggest reason for the growth in my online business.

Because of them…

  • I’ve made more money.
  • It’s created more freedom for me.
  • It’s created more opportunities for me.
  • And it’s made my life overall so much easier (thanks to their software).

But don’t take my word for it.

Click here to get your free 14 day trial for ClickFunnels.

You will thank me later.

Are Clickfunnels Legit

ClickFunnels: Pretty much the greatest software that’s ever happened to the Internet.

So there’s no wonder why you want to see more about Are Clickfunnels Legit.


You arrived slightly earlier than I thought you would (I’m getting a video for you about this)..

Me scoozi.

But while you are here…

Do please keep on reading so that you can discover:

  • The little-known discount for both new and current ClickFunnels users.
  • And you’ll see some of the BEST features and benefits of ClickFunnels.

It’s gonna be a doozy.

Let’s do this. Are Clickfunnels Legit

Any ClickFunnels Discount?

There actually is a ClickFunnels discount.

A massive one (and you don’t need to enter a ClickFunnels coupon code).

So here is the link that you can click to get the ball rolling today:

At the end of the presentation…

You can finally grab (or upgrade) the amazing Funnel Hacks offer.

Or you can take the shortcut (which I recommend):

And what happens when you do this?

Well, you get a ton of great bonuses (which you’ll be able to say in the link above this)…

But you get to invest in ClickFunnels for a nice little 6 month duration…

Or even for a 1 years worth of time (which is also what I recommend).

You Save Up To $785

Look at this way, the Etison Suite (by itself) is $297 a month…

So if you were going to use that for 6 months, it would cost you $1,782.

On the other hand, Funnel Hacks for 6 months is an investment of $997…

Which means you are saving $785 in that 6 month duration!

So what it comes down to is this:

Would you rather pay $997 or $1,782 for 6 months of use?

Easy choice, right?

This is probably the easiest purchase you’ll make online. Are Clickfunnels Legit

And you won’t have the stress of those recurring payments rolling in for either 6 or 12 months.

Here’s the links again for the best ClickFunnels special offers:

Click here to watch the Funnel Hacks presentation.

Or if you’re already using ClickFunnels and you want to upgrade immediately:

I’ll say it again…

This is definitely one of the easiest investments you’ll make (online or offline)…

All because you save a ton of money while getting some amazing information.

ClickFunnels Benefits And Features

So you might be on the fence when it comes to getting up and running with ClickFunnels.

If so?

Then no problemo, Dr. Jones. Are Clickfunnels Legit


ClickFunnels happens to come with a free 14 day trial.

Which you can take advantage of today.

Please click here and get started with your free 14 day ClickFunnels trial.

Now, aside from the amazing 14 day free trial…

ClickFunnels has the BEST features and benefits in the market.

Let’s take a closer look.

  • The Awesome Drag And Drop Builder

So this feature probably isn’t going to get you going crazy at first.

If so?

Then I know exactly where you’re coming from.

But here is cold hard truth.

I’ve gotten to test and use a ton of the landing page and sales funnels builders out there.

And you know what I noticed?

They can’t even hold a candle to ClickFunnels.

And it’s because ClickFunnels’ simplicity of use (by itself) makes using it a blasty blast…

And you can thank the amazing drag and drop editor for that.

So what does that mean for you?

You can get your profitable funnel up and running faster than a speeding bullet.

  • Complete Sales Funnel Building


110% complete.

You get the whole kit ‘n kaboodle when it comes to constructing your very own sales funnel.

Here’s just a few examples of the types of funnels you can throw together:

  • Profitable webinar funnels (yes, both automated and live).
  • Membership funnels (from sales letter, to purchase, to access).
  • Lead generation funnels (for every single niche you can think of).
  • High ticket funnels (which seems to do well for coaches nowadays).
  • Affiliate marketing funnels (yup, where you sell other people’s offers).
  • Network marketing funnels (so you can stop harassing friends and family).
  • And pretty much any type of funnel for any type of business (online or offline).

So let’s address the big question that’s usually on everyone’s mind. Are Clickfunnels Legit

…But does ClickFunnels work for me?

SPOILER ALERT TIME: You bet your ass it will.

ClickFunnels will also work:

  • Any enthusiastic person who has a desire to build an business (online or offline).
  • Any enthusiastic person who has a desire to grow an online business (online or offline).

Pretty badass huh?

You can also click here to get your free 14 day trial too.

Let’s keep moving on and on and on.

Keeping up, right?

  • Shopping Carts & Payment Processors

This was one of the BIGGEST reasons I first jumped on ClickFunnels.

A few years back I was only accepting PayPal but I wanted to accept credit cards as well…

And after combing through a ton of options (that happen to cost more than a Queens’s ransom)…

I stumbled upon this crazy unique online tool.

Not sure if you’ve come across it yet or used it…

It’s actually called ClickFunnels 😉


Here’s more features and benefits that can really help you out.

  • Integrated Shopping Cart

Using an integrated shopping cart?

You can accept a variety of different payments (from a bunch of different gateways).

And what does that do for you?

You can now take orders for both PayPal and credit cards simultaneously.

And why is that so important for YOU?


If you are ONLY accepting credit cards, pretty soon your support will hear things like:

I am only purchasing this with PayPal!

If you are ONLY accepting PayPal, pretty soon your support will hear things like:

I am only purchasing this using my card!


This means a couple of things for you:

  1. You’re missing out on a lot of money in your business (online or offline) and…
  2. People can be a little bat-shit crazy sometimes.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😛

And more than that? Are Clickfunnels Legit

  • Order Bump Utilization

Talk about a simplistic way to really build up your (online or offline) business.

On your secure order page…

You can add another offer where all they have to do is tick off a box to get it…

And it instantly gets added to their order.

Guess what happened once I started utilizing this feature?

A whopping 33% of customers started purchasing this too!

So if you aren’t putting this feature into fruition…

You’re leaving a hefty amount of money on the table.

Then there is yet another great way to maximize your profits.

  • One Click Upsells

This feature is like the first day Are You Afraid Of The Dark aired on TV.

Spoiler Alert: It’s epic.

All your amazing customers just have to click their mouse once…

And then it:

  • Instantly purchases your upsell offer.
  • Instantly adds the product to their download page.


There wasn’t a typo there (hopefully).

Just one single little click!

  • No re-entering their CC number…
  • No re-entering their John Handcock…
  • No re-entering their spam email address…
  • No certainly no re-entering their blood type (yikes)!

Just one damn click of the ol’ mouse-zilla.

And because of that?

You made yet another sale.

Curious to see how it works yourself?

Then click here to give ClickFunnels a 14 day free trial here.


And you can say that there’s a helluva lot more features and benefits where those came from.

So let’s finish up this post so I can watch some MacGyver reruns 😛

So Is ClickFunnels Worth It?

Hmmm yeah…

Talk about the ultimate rhetorical question ever been posted.

But YES…

  • ClickFunnels is the real deal…
  • ClickFunnels is legit as it gets…
  • And ClickFunnels is worth it!

You wouldn’t believe just how much valued is jam-packed into this tool…

In fact…

Thousands of ClickFunnels users save money by using or switching to ClickFunnels…

Because it allows them to cancel many recurring tools that they no longer need any more.

Isn’t that cool?

So the time is right for you to make the big move (or switch from other tools).

ClickFunnels is waiting for you to boldly make that first move.

So be sure that you make a killer 1st impression.

Click that colossal green button below and get your free 14 day trial now:

Are Clickfunnels Legit

We’ve come to the end of the road…

Here’s a great quote that I think you’ll really dig:

Sometimes, I feel like one who is on the sidelines, who has missed life itself.

So what does that mean for you?

If you’re not where you want to be when it comes to your business and your life…

Then you NEED to jump on this opportunity…

Because standing on the sidelines will never get you where you want to be…

And this opportunity just might not be around tomorrow (keep in the mind the price can rise)!

Click here to watch the Funnel Hacks presentation.

Or if you’re already using ClickFunnels and you want to upgrade immediately:

Thanks again for expressing interest in Are Clickfunnels Legit…

And enjoy ClickFunnels.